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  SIXN Group(Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Wujiang Shixing (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., is a professional manufacturer of textile, high-tech and high-tech enterprises in weaving, dyeing and finishing. We are a professional design, research and development, production and sales team. Textile Co., Ltd., Fashion Printing and Dyeing (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Shixing Textile Technology Co., Ltd. Group is located in Suzhou, Wujiang District, Shengze Town, in the Soviet Union and Shanghai Hang one hour economic circle, the traffic is very convenient, the company is located in the town of Suzhou.

  Group is currently the main production equipment, including Japan imported water looms more than 500 Taiwan, imports of coating machines and auxiliary equipment more than 50 Taiwan, imports stereotypes, overflow Juanji more than 150 sets of equipment, fashion Group specializes in all kinds of chemical fiber Fabric production, printing and dyeing, textile fabric direct coating production and transfer coating & mdash; & mdash; release paper film waterproof breathable fabric production and processing. The products produced by the company have unique waterproof, windproof, moisture, warm, flame retardant, anti-ultraviolet, soft and comfortable characteristics. The products are widely used in outdoor jackets, ski suits, mountaineering suits, sportswear, special tools , Military defense, medical, automotive and food industries, as well as various luggage, tents and so on. To meet the special needs of different customers.



  The core of the group:“Credibility first, quality first, service first, the customer first”

  Group vision:“Become the most respected outdoor supplies pilot”

  Group of the company's purpose:“Respect the birth of every meter cloth, the achievements of every meter of the mission”

  The mission of the group:“Committed to providing customers with the greatest value; committed to the staff to build the best platform, committed to For the community to provide the greatest benefits”

  Group company style:“Efficient! Serious! Do not make excuses and stick to your promise ”

  Group values:1、To be: self - esteem, integrity, civilization, friendship, dedication

           2、Things to do: work carefully, in place, teamwork, and gradually progressive

  Group company's employment standards: a virtuous, entrusted with the task, there is no talent, training hiring, no virtue, limited hiring, no virtue without talent, determined not to”


The Annotation of the Culture of:

  “Credibility first, quality first, service first, the customer first”Is the essence of production, is the fundamental survival of enterprises, is the goal of fashionable struggle.

  “Become the most respected outdoor supplies leader "This is the vision of fashionable people, through the scientific process management and fashionable family fighting spirit, our outdoor products into the industry's top brands.

  “Respect the birth of every rice cloth, the achievements of every meter cloth's mission "every rice cloth are born in hardships, respect for each of our hands of rice, cherish every one of our hands, let it Play the desired value。

  “Committed to providing customers with the greatest value”To provide customers with the best quality products and the most attentive service, so as to obtain the trust of customers, which requires our fashionable professional to provide customers with the greatest value of the product.

  “Is committed to building the best platform for employees”Garden-style plant and beautiful working environment for the fashionable people to provide a comfortable and clean working environment, while improving the pay system, sound rules and regulations, human science management, fashion for people to provide a good learning environment and promotion channels;

  “Committed to the community to provide the greatest benefits”Customers because of fashionable quality products and satisfaction, fashion people because of their own high-quality products and proud, so fashionable outdoor products to improve people's lives, and ultimately achieve win-win situation!

  “Efficient! Serious! Do not make excuses and stick to your promise ”Efficient efficiency and serious attitude, fashion people will do every product, do not find any excuse, stick to the company's goals, to provide customers with the best products.

  “To respect others, respect for the community, improve product quality, fashion for the community to provide better service; at the same time not to do so, but also to improve the quality of products, It is a big family, where the fashionable people are united, fraternity, devote themselves to work, will be more careful, better implementation, into the work, do better products to contribute to the community.

  “Efficient! serious! Do not make excuses, stick to bear in the shortest possible time to make the best quality products, in the efficient at the same time, fashion people will be more serious attitude throughout the work, to provide better products, to fulfill their own If.

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