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Thanksgiving Teacher's Day


Thanksgiving Teacher's Day

2017/09/06 09:56
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Thanksgiving Teacher's Day


Hu Hu Taiheng


"Spring blossom peaches and plums are three thousand miles, and autumn is full of fruit." Jinqiu September, the annual Teacher's Day is coming again! In this day full of memories and gratitude, let us first say: "Teacher you have worked hard. "!


On the road of our growth, there are always teachers who accompany us all the way, to teach us the cultural knowledge of all disciplines and the truth of doing things. The deepest impression many teachers have on the teacher is the half of the chalk in their hands and the back of the blackboard that we wrote on the blackboard. The hard work of the teachers is obvious to all. They just want to pass on more knowledge to us, so that we can more easily enter the society and build our own country and home. It is precisely because of the teacher’s mission. Debating encouragement and teaching has made us today.


Dear teacher, you are like a street lamp, because with you, as we bravely go forward, our world will become so beautiful, in the chaos, there will be a bright light, and the lost night sky will have an eternal Beidou. You are like a boatman, pulling us through the rapids of the rapids. You warm the heart of every student with the emotion of fire, countless hearts are pulled by you, and even your back is condensed with hot eyes... You are not an actor, but it attracts our hungry eyes; you are not singing Home, but let the clear spring of knowledge sing and sing a fascinating song; you are not a sculptor, but the soul of a group of young people... you shoulder the sacred mission, you shoulder the future of the motherland, you shoulder With the prosperity of the nation, you shoulder the heavy responsibility of history. In this way, generations of young people grow up healthily under your care. Grateful teacher, give us the wings to fly; grateful teacher, give us the direction of life; grateful teacher, give us the eyes of the world... With your attention, we will go to the future. We are grateful to our teachers for their excellent achievements, their impressive performance, and the use of bit by bit of progress to build their homes and repay the society.


We will not forget that the teacher's words and deeds and your teachings, your watch with all your heart and soul will always inspire us to keep moving forward on the road of life. We must not forget that when we embrace success and enjoy the joy, don't forget that our teachers have paid their youth and sweat. We dare not forget that our naughty, rebellious and falling, patiently and carefully taught our teachers, because of your teaching and encouragement, our life has been triumphant again and again! Finally, say: "Thank you, my teacher..."


In this beautiful season full of gratitude, gratefulness is the best in the past, gratitude is the gift of life, gratitude is the relief of the state of existence; gratitude is the care of the present, gratitude is the cherish of limited life; grateful is Grateful for the care given to our lives, gratitude is the tremor of love for strangers...


Learn to be grateful, don't forget to be guilty; learn to be grateful, have the virtue of modesty; learn to be grateful, embrace the fear of awe; learn to be grateful, love more than hate in life; learn to be grateful, know how to cherish life; learn to be grateful, no longer indulge in wealth and power Learn to be grateful and never forget to say "thank you"...


Grateful, let us understand and cherish the people, things, and things around us with contentment; gratitude, let us find that life is so rich and rich in the days of gradual numbness; gratitude, let us comprehend and taste the destiny The gift and the passion of life. Without sunshine, there will be no warmth of the day; without rain and dew, there will be no harvest of grain; without water, there will be no life; without a teacher, there will be no healthy growth for us; without parents, there will be no one for ourselves; without affection, love and friendship, There is no warmth of love...


Flowers can wither, and the sea can change into mulberry fields. But our grateful heart can't change. Let us start from bit by bit, thank God and earth, thank you for your destiny, the world is wide, and the road is rough, but as long as there is love in the heart, and we are grateful, we will work hard and we can move forward. . Be grateful, be content with happiness. A grateful heart is always needed on the road to life. Grateful heart, always young! Grateful people, always happy!


For the upcoming teacher festival, all employees of Shixing Spinning (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. once again bless all the teachers in the whole world: Happy Teacher's Day! Good health! Tao Li Man Yuan! You have worked hard!



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