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Are you ready? The relocation of than 30 printing and dyeing factories in Shengze, Wujiang will be accelerated!


Are you ready? The relocation of than 30 printing and dyeing factories in Shengze, Wujiang will be accelerated!

2019/06/12 10:14
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Recently, Vice Mayor of Suzhou, Biao Nie, led the relevant people in charge of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission and the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau to Wujiang High-tech Zone (Shengze Town) to investigate the environmental improvement project of Wujiang Textile Circular Economy Industrial Park and hold a symposium. Yibing Wong the member of the Standing Committee of the District Party Committee, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Wujiang High-tech Zone, Zhenyu Qi, Party Secretary of Shengze Town,and Weifeng Lyu, Deputy District Governor, Director of Wujiang High-tech Zone Management Committee, Deputy Secretary of Shengze Town Party Committee, and Mayor of Shengze Town accompanied the same investigation.



Biao Nie and his entourage firstly came to the first phase of the sewage treatment plant project in the southwest environmental protection upgrading project of Shengze Town to see the planning and implementation progress of the environmental protection upgrading project of the industrial park.


Biao Nie Deputy Mayor of Suzhou City


It is reported that Wujiang Textile Circular Economy Industrial Park will realize the centralization of water supply,water reuse, heat supply, and pollution control of industrial park with the goal of recycling, and will realize the reuse of waste water, waste cloth (silk) and recycled staple fiber. The power plant waste heat supply steam, sludge incineration power generation, resource recycling and other functions, and environmental protection upgrading project is the basic project of the industrial park.



At the subsequent symposium, Biao Nie said that the construction of Wujiang Textile Circular Economy Industrial Park is of great significance. He asked Shengze Town that in the construction of the industrial park, the industrial upgrading and ecological protection will be closely combined to promote the upgrading of the traditional textile industry and achieve green development. At the same time, in the process of industrial park construction, we must pay attention to the integration of resources, strengthen supporting facilities, and form an agglomeration advantage.

In July 2018, Shengze Wujiang applied to the district to construct the Wujiang Textile Circular Economy Industrial Park. It is planned to be located in the southwest of Shengze Town, with a total area of 5.7 square kilometers, including two areas, namely the North Industrial Zone and the South Film Printing and Dyeing Gathering Area. The area is an important part of Wujiang's “eight benchmarks” and implementation of the “555 Plan”.



Shengze Town is famous for its “Chinese Silk Town” and “Chinese Textile Town”. The total output of fabrics in the town accounts for 1/4 of the national output, and the output of chemical fiber fabrics accounts for 70% of the country. A large number of world-class textile processing and production equipment, large-scale textile professional trading market, and the world's largest fabric production base are gathered in Shengze Town.

In recent years, Shengze Town has promoted the upgrading of the textile industry and completed the standardization and rectification work; encouraged the existing water jet loom enterprises to upgrade their equipment, and gradually replaced the spray with low-pollution warp knitting, knitting, high-grade air jet loom and other equipment. Encouraged existing water jet loom enterprises to renovate old looms through equipment technology, increase environmental protection investment, reduce waste-water discharge, improve enterprise environmental management level, and realize a number of high-quality enterprises. On the other hand, actively foster the introduction of new industries and promote the formation of new growth points outside the textile industry.



Printing and dyeing is the essential process in the textile industry and an important part of increasing the added value of textiles. Shengze's printing and dyeing enterprises are constrained by environmental protection and other bottlenecks, and it is difficult to carry out transformation and upgrading, which seriously restricts the sustainable development of the industry.

In this regard, Wujiang Textile Circular Economy Industrial Park will focus on creating a ’domestic circular transformation demonstration zone and industry benchmark’, with ’central layout, printing and dyeing into the park’ as the entry point, improve the technical level of printing and dyeing textiles, and strengthen the coordination of public service facilities. The service function is committed to building the park into a domestic characteristic textile circular economy demonstration park with ’industry orderly concentration, land intensive use, advanced equipment technology, infrastructure sharing, and resource recycling’.



Through concentrating the printing and dyeing enterprises to into the park, efficient use of land, space optimization layout, unified planning, unified management, it is proposed to centralize the existing printing and dyeing enterprises in Shengze Town into the park, the centralization of water supply, water reuse, heart supply and the treatment of the waste. On this basis, enterprises are encouraged to optimize the design and construction of printing and dyeing workshops, provide unified municipal services for printing and dyeing enterprises, coordinate the corresponding staff living service areas, adhere to the sharing of public service infrastructure, fully reflect the advantages of centralized layout of printing and dyeing enterprises, and highlight efficiency. Prioritize and share services to promote the coordinated development of emerging industrial parks. At the same time, the textile industry in the agglomeration area will introduce new technologies, implement the “Internet +” of the manufacturing industry, focus on intelligent manufacturing, promote the “intelligent transformation” of the industry, break through the “development limit” of the industry, and promote the construction of core elements of industrial innovation and development.


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