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Congratulations to Shixing Textile Company for winning the safety production standardization secondary enterprise certificate


Congratulations to Shixing Textile Company for winning the safety production standardization secondary enterprise certificate

2019/06/12 09:22
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Recently, Shixing Textile (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. won the “National Safety Production Standardization Secondary Certificate” and the plaque, which indicates that the safety production level of Shixing Company has jumped to a new level and has taken an important step towards realizing the safety of the company. .



Since the establishment of Shixing Textile (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., we have always adhered to the safety production policy of “safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management”, We take safety production as the top priority, constantly improve the safety production management system and strengthen employee’s safety education and training, establish a sound prevention mechanism, and strive to build an intrinsically safe enterprise. Clarify their own status as a safety subject, increase safety investment, conscientiously implement national and industrial safety production management regulations and standards, actively carry out various tasks, strengthen safety education and training for all employees, increase safety investment, check and rectify efforts, and strive to improve production. In the working environment, a safety agency is set up to take charge of safety production.


On 16 th and 17 th August, 2018, Shixing Textile(Suzhou) Co., Ltd. ushered in a team of 5 experts from the Jiangsu Provincial Safety Production Association to conduct safety product standardization secondary enterprise compliance assessment, and the expert group passed the inspection data. , look at the scene, the meeting and other methods to review the standards carefully and carefully, and finally successfully passed the acceptance of safety standardization secondary enterprises. Previously, Shixing Company has passed the authoritative certifications such as the assessment and acceptance of occupational health and safety demonstration enterprises and the three-level enterprise of national safety production standardization.


It is of great significance to carry out the standardization construction of enterprise safety production: First, it is the necessary way to implement the main responsibility of enterprise safety production; Second, it is a long-term system to strengthen the basic work of enterprise safety production. Third, it is an important basis for the government to implement safety production classification guidance and grading supervision. Fourth, it is an important means to effectively prevent accidents.


Through the construction of "Safety Production Standardization", the company's safety organizations at all levels have been continuously improved, various rules and regulations have become more and more perfect, the safe working environment of employees has been continuously improved, safety management work has gradually become scientific and standardized, and safety management has basically realized the systematism.



The successful approval of the safety production standardization secondary enterprise certification is a full affirmation of Shixing Textile (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.'s long-term safety production standardization construction, which is more conducive to further standardizing our company's safety production and promoting enterprise safety. The management work is further moving towards standardization, scientific and normalization.


After winning the second-level certificate of national safety production standardization, Shixing Textile (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. will take this opportunity to make persistent efforts, and always follow the guidance of national safety production standardization, and on the basis of consolidating the experience of standardization of secondary safety production that has been achieved, Consolidate the preliminary work, promote enterprises to further improve safety and occupational health work, continue to deepen the work of safety production standardization, comprehensively improve the company's safety production management level, create a safe and healthy working environment, build a harmonious enterprise, and promote the healthy and continuing development of enterprises.




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