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Company organization safety emergency plan training


Company organization safety emergency plan training

2019/04/17 09:01
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Work is to live better, and safety is to live to the old. Safety production is the bottom line, the red line, the high-voltage line, and the lifeline of employees. Safety is the guarantee of a happy family, and accidents are the result of a tragedy in life. Security is the premise for the people to live and work in peace and contentment, and it is the guarantee of social stability and economic development.


Shixing Group Sanyang Textile (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd. conscientiously implements the production guidelines of “safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management”, pursues zero accidents, zero risks, investigates safety hazards, and eliminates all major safety accidents.


In the past few days, the company invited equipment professionals to carry out safety fire emergency response training for the static cleaning device of the setting machine. Sun Lianjuan, the director of the company, Zhu Daochun, the deputy director, and Wu Kaiyou, the manager of the management department, and the managers and operators of the relevant positions participated in the project. Training. The company's leaders attach great importance to this training, convene everyone to put down the work at hand, under the detailed guidance of the equipment manufacturer engineers, carefully study the safety production emergency plan, record the key points, and carry out practical drills, master the critical part operation fire emergency process, prevent problems before they occur !


Safe production of 10 million, the first safety. Production is not standardized, and the loved ones have two tears. There is no such thing as "nothing to lose, no loss." Only when everyone puts safety first, pays attention to it from the ideological point of view, puts their responsibilities in place in the development of safety work, puts the safety measures needed in the work in place, and carries out control and control of safety work in order to truly achieve "four nos." Injury" (does not hurt yourself, does not harm others, is not hurt by others, protects him from harm).


Safety production is the subject of constant unremitting efforts of enterprises, and it is a major event directly related to the safety and vital interests of enterprise employees. Business security is good or bad, and the biggest beneficiaries or victims are our employees. Only when everyone values ​​safety and develops good habits of safe production can we stay away from accidents and stay away from harm, so that enterprises can develop safely and make their families happy.








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