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2019Jiangsu Shengze Textile Expo


2019Jiangsu Shengze Textile Expo

2019/12/04 10:38
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From October 16th to 18th, the 6th Jiangsu (Shengze) Textile Expo and the 20th China Shengze Silk Tourism Culture Festival were successfully held at Shengze International Convention and Exhibition Center!

During the three days, the industry's high-quality resources were unveiled, industry elites gathered, and international forums and fashion events took turns. According to the organizer's statistics, the three-day exhibition attracted 55,300 domestic and foreign textile and apparel buyers to Shengze for business opportunities, with an intentional transaction volume of 1.756 billion RMB.

The scale of Shengze Textile Expo has been upgraded again this year. The exhibition area exceeded 20,000 square meters, and brought together 395 textile and chemical fiber companies such as Hengli, Shenghong, Huajia, Fuhua, and Dingsheng. Thousands of green fibers present a visual feast of fashion and tradition colliding with fashion and technology!

In this exhibition, the SIXN Group mainly promotes functional fabrics. 1. One way moisture transfer fabrics. After special finishing, conventional fabrics can achieve the function of conducting moisture, leading the sweat from the skin to the outside to keep the inside dry even in the hot summer.

2.Temperature sensitive fabrics. This product is very sensitive to temperature, and it will change the color as soon as the fabrics come into contact with human skin, and it will gradually change back to their natural colors after leaving the skin for a few seconds.

3.UV sensitive fabrics. The fabrics are sensitive to ultraviolet rays, and show varying degrees of color change with the strength of ultraviolet rays.

4.Magic print series. Through a special finishing process, when the fabric encounters water, it will show a pattern, thereby achieving fun.

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