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SIXN Group’s 2020 Spring Festival Annual Meeting: Time to excellence, endless


SIXN Group’s 2020 Spring Festival Annual Meeting: Time to excellence, endless

2020/03/05 17:27
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The new year starts with the pride, joy and happiness. On January 12, 2020, the SIXN Group's 2020 Spring Festival Annual Meeting was grandly held in the Suzhou Zhiyin Hotel. Mr. Liu Weijian, the chairman of the SIXN Group, brought together more than 400 senior executives and employees from Shixing Textiles (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Sanyang Textile (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd. to celebrate together. The banquet successfully finished under the sound of laughter.


The annual meeting started with a warm New Year greeting from Mr. Liu Weijian, Chairman of the Group, saying, "In the past year, thanks to the joint efforts of all my colleagues, the company's business has maintained continuous and steady growth and scored certain achievements, which belong to every SIXN person. The future of SIXN will be more brilliant. "


Today's achievements of the SIXN Group, besides the strategic leadership of the chairman Mr. Liu Weijian, also cannot be separated from the core elite team of SIXN. They are professional,, wise, diligent, and humble. They work together and lead the Group climb to new heights. The development of every enterprise is inseparable from the dedication of he hard work of each employee. In 2019, a number of outstanding employees have emerged in various positions. To this end, the company specially selected a group of outstanding employees and awarded them certificates and bonuses to confirm their effort over the year. In the future, they will definitely work harder and climb the peak step by step.


At this annual meeting, everyone can enjoy wonderful shows while tasting the delicious food, wine and fruit. All performances are self-directed by our employees. The format of the show is also diverse including dance, poetry recitation, sketch, light show, fashion show, solo and chorus. SIXN people are always talented and energetic. The audience voted for the shows by the SIXN people ——the best creative, the most popular and the best performance show. The executive awarded the trophies and bonuses to the winners.


During the banquet, it was interspersed with exciting lottery links. The company prepared rich and exciting prizes for the hard work of everyone over the year. The latest Huawei 5G mobile phones, 55 Inch ultra-thin LCD TVs, mountain bikes, and many lucky prizes, the chairman of the group temporarily added two special prizes, namely a cash red pocket and a sweeping robot, to push the draw to a climax. Screams broke out in the crowd, and surprises always appeared in accidents.


The 2020 Annual meeting came to a successful conclusion in an atmosphere of harmony, warmth, passion and joy, but the steps of our SIXN people will not stop. This meeting showed the spirit of SIXN people who are full of vitality, enthusiasm and unity. Looking back to 2019, we worked hard and gained together; looking forward to 2020, a new starting point for the new year, we have the same goal with full of confidence. In the future, SIXN people will resolutely “add bricks and tiles” to the company to make the dream closer jointly!


Wonderful moments during the 2020 Annual Meeting:



























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