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Fighting Wuhan! Fighting China!


Fighting Wuhan! Fighting China!

2020/03/17 11:35
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During this Chinese New Year, a sudden epidemic swept across China, affecting everyone’ s lives, and breaking the reunion of the family. Everyone cannot go out for visiting relatives and friends, chatting and shopping. In this war without gunpowder, although it was panic, there were more moving deeds . We deeply feel that there is a power that everyone has a responsibility when the country has the difficulties, a power that people help each other, and a power that all the people are of one mind .


In order to respond to the pneumonia epidemic of new coronavirus infection, our country has taken an active role from top to bottom, and established epidemic prevention and control headquarters at all levels of government to effectively control and prevent. They plan ahead, reserve enough equipment, drugs and other relevant materials, start emergency plans, formulate detailed prevention and control measures, strictly implement the 24-hour duty system, and carry out scientific prevention method.


Our medical staff immediately rushed to the “battlefield”, put on the protective clothing, protective glasses, N95 masks, and rushed to the front line to fight the epidemic and actively rescue the patients. The medical staff became the most beautiful retrogrades who bravely faced the epidemic and guarded the people's lives.


Our PLA soldiers obeyed the orders of the government and flew to Wuhan, the most dangerous epidemic area, on the New Year's Eve. They brought advanced medical equipment and epidemic prevention materials to the Thunder Mountain Hospital and Vulcan Mountain Hospital. Also, the police are not afraid of the wind and the cold. They stood at every intersection and bayonet to persuade people not to arbitrarily strangle and to crack down on illegal and criminal activities at the same time.


There are a group of people who are not doctors or nurses, but still gave up their vacations, sticked to their posts. They worked day and night, played the role of pioneers of party members, and went to villages and communities to check. They walked through the streets and alleys, grasped the real time situation, broadcast the epidemic prevention knowledge to ensure the safety of the community.


There are also a group of people who are volunteers wearing red vests. They are not afraid of danger. When villagers and residents enter and leave the community, they helped to take temperature, and buy urgently needed supplies and emergency medicine for them. Although they are a bit serious, they worked day and night to provide a strong guarantee for our safety and life.


In the moment when everyone is fighting against the epidemic, the SIXN group is incumbent on it and donated a batch of medical supplies to Jiangsu Shengze Hospital on February 19 and February 27, including 5000 pieces of medical masks, 10,000 pairs of gloves and 6,000 pairs of shoe covers which are used to support the fight against the coronavirus pneumonia epidemic


As a member of the local enterprises, SIXN group concerns the local coronavirus pneumonia epidemic control and prevention work. SIXN group donated RMB 200,000 to Jiaxing Economic Development Zone Charity Federation and participated in the “battle” actively.


When all the people are united as one, it’s SIXN group’s bounden duty to provide assistance to the medical staff in the front line as much as possible, hoping to make a small contribution to the society.


The SIXN Group actively took action on prevention of epidemic, and established an emergency team to launch urgent measures and actively responded to the government's "epidemic" measures. In order to ensure the health and safety of employees, the emergency team did full preparations to ensure the resumption of work. According to the meeting, the team divided into five groups, including staff returning group, access control group, disinfection group, material supply group, and public relations group. During the special time, everyone is required to wear a mask everyday, take the temperature measurement and register when entering the factory area, clean and disinfect daily, wash hands frequently and take the meals separately. The factory area is entered with the name card. The employees are required to reduce going out after work to ensure a relatively safe environment. The group also arrange home quarantine for employees who are returning from areas at high risk of the epidemic, conduct daily temperature measurement and record for future reference. Sufficient anti-epidemic materials such as masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, disinfectant, and 75% alcohol were prepared. We produced promotional banners, posters, and pictorials to actively publicize epidemic prevention knowledge; establish communication channels, respond positively to employee concerns and conduct psychological counseling.


If there is light in your eyes, you can break through the darkness; if you have strength in your heart, you can pass through the haze. We insist on staying at home, consciously isolated, wash our hands frequently, and wear masks.


There are not so many heroes in the world, just because someone needs them, and they put on uniforms and rush to the front line without a second thought. 


No winter is insurmountable, and no spring will not come. We firmly believe that under the leadership of the Government, we will be able to overcome the epidemic and welcome the spring! Stay strong Wuhan! Stay strong China!












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