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Strengthen the safety foundation of high quality development of enterprises


Strengthen the safety foundation of high quality development of enterprises

2020/08/24 17:19
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At present, the 100 day "thunder action" in Shengze Town is in full swing. Textile enterprises pay more        attention to the safety production.Mr Liu Weijian, chairman of Shixing group, was invited to participate in    the interview.



As a member of Shengze textile enterprise, Shixing group adheres to the requirements of "thunder action", guides safety production with concept,ensures safety production with system,implements safety production with action,continuously improves safety production management level,and consolidates safety foundation for high-quality development of enterprise.



Shixing textile (Suzhou) Co., a coating finishing enterprise. Its developed and produced fabric products are widely used in rail transit, special, military defense, outdoor, medical, automobile and food industries,   which can meet the special needs of different customers.



Mr Liu Weijian,chairman of the company,introduced that since the company's characteristic product of        permanent flame retardant fabrics need the raw material such as DMF, toluene and other hazardous             chemicals,the company built a standard hazardous chemicals warehouse to ensure the safety.In addition,     the company has also taken actions such as the safety standardization construction,strengthening safety     training for all staff,strengthening production site management and increasing investment in safety




Mr Liu said that Shixing Textile (Suzhou) Co., Ltd insists on putting production safety in the first place. It not only signs the safety production responsibility letter and  safety production commitment letter with each employee, but also publicizes the safety production knowledge through regular safety meetings, production class meetings, wechat groups, billboards, warning boards, etc.



In terms of system guarantee, Mr. Liu Weijian is the safety leader of the safety production team of Shixing textile.He personally pays attention to the safety work, and the employees can directly report the hidden dangers or safety management problems to them. As there are dangerous chemicals in the raw materials, except for the two smoking spots, all other places in the plant are non-smoking areas. The person in charge of the enterprise takes the lead in implementing the safety regulations and dissuades employees and customers from smoking in the no smoking area. The company linked the work safety with the performance bonus of employees, strictly implemented the assessment responsibility of work safety through the measures of combining criticism education and performance reward, and established three guarantees of system, responsibility and discipline, so as to successfully pass the second level review of national safety production standardization in 2018.



Mr Liu Weijian said that since its establishment, Shixing Textile has held regular production meetings every day and regular management meetings every week, and the safety production alarm bell has been ringing. In June of each year, the company carries out safety production month activities to let employees actively participate, master safety knowledge and safety skills, and reward employees with excellent performance in the activities.



Mr Liu Weijian told reporters that the year before last, an employee's hand was almost winded into the machine when the front of the car took in cloth and rolled down after operating the coating machine. Subsequently, the company actively analyzed the causes of the problem, formulated solutions, and transformed the machine roll shaft of the rotating part of the equipment from turning inward to outward, which greatly reduced the hidden danger of employees being rolled by the machine due to improper operation. Every year before the start of the Spring Festival, the company will require experts to come to teach, so that employees can master the safety production skills.



Safety production is the most important work of enterprises.

Safety is the greatest happiness of the employee.,

Safety is the greatest benefit of the enterprises


Mr Liu Weijian said that in the future, Shixing textile will continue to implement the requirements of "thunder action" and strictly implement safety production rules and regulations, so as to provide guarantee for the safe development of enterprises and contribute to the safety development of Shengze.

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