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Notice on the publication of the results of the selection of the "Flame Retardant Series" slogan


Notice on the publication of the results of the selection of the "Flame Retardant Series" slogan

2017/08/08 10:40
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SIXN Group Co., Ltd. Documents

General Enterprise [2017] No. 3 Issued by: Liu Weijian


Notice on the results of the selection of the slogan collection

of "flame retardant series products"

Groups and companies:

In order to strengthen the cultural construction of the Group, enhance the professionalism of employees and promote the emotional exchange between the company and employees, activate the company atmosphere, further enhance the brand awareness of Shixing Group, and create a good product image in the target market. The group company decided to The company has publicly collected slogans on “flame-retardant products”, and the event has now come to a successful conclusion.


The essay-writing activity can be successfully concluded, and it is inseparable from the strong support of all leaders. It is inseparable from the positive response and cooperation of all employees. I hope that everyone can take this activity as an opportunity to further enhance the sense of responsibility, mission, and sense of belonging to "I am a fashionable person", unify our thoughts and actions, and develop the planning of the Shixing Group to unify the implementation of production and management tasks and promote corporate science. Continuous and coordinated development. All the manuscripts have been reviewed by the judges of the jury. The results are as follows:


First Prize: "Permanent Flame Retardant, Timely Intelligence"


Second prize: one


"Permanent Flame Retardant, Preferred Fashion" Sanyo Dyeing Factory Xin Zhennan


Third prize: three


"Fashionable Flame Retardant, Trustworthy" Shixing Spinning Hu Taiheng


"Flame-retardant fire prevention, all the way to me" Spring and Autumn Factory Cheng Jing


"Fashionable flame retardant, burning and not burning" Shixing Spinning Shen Zhicong


Encouragement Award: Four


Shixing spinning process, Rongrong, Shixing spinning, Ji Antao


Shixing Spinning Li Jiacai Sanyo Dyeing Factory Shang Changxi

SIXN Group Co., Ltd.


Group office


August 5, 2017


Key words: flame retardant products, slogan collection, selection results

Presentation: Chairman, Director and General Manager of the Group

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