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Learning is the steady stream of success


Learning is the steady stream of success

2019/12/04 17:08
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As the saying goes, “To train the army, train the general first.”. On October 1st, the senior and middle-level executives of the SIXN Group gathered together at Nanhu Lake, Jiaxing to participate in a two-day training and study. On the special day of our country’s 70th birthday, we chose to learn and to charge. In the course of the lecture, everyone listened attentively, took notes carefully and practiced their skills. In this special way, we send deep birthday wishes to the great motherland—blessing greatness Motherland is prosperous, flourishing, and better tomorrow!






During the training, Teacher Yi focused on the key themes of leader and built an excellent team. At the beginning of the training, he put forward the definition of leadership and success and how to set goals. Success is because of attitudes, I am the root of everything, etc. Those attitudes wake up the all of us and aroused great interest from the trainees.




The training and learning received great attention from the company leaders. Chairman Liu, the company's senior leader, gave up the National Day holiday and took time out of his busy schedule to participate in the training. The group company has put a lot effort to invite the gold medal lecturer Yi Fajiu from the Influential Group Co., Ltd. to teach us the national first brand class "Leader's Style" course in order to improve the overall management level of the enterprise, meet the strategic needs of the enterprise, strengthen the team building, laid a good foundation for the development and expansion of China.



The course content covers metaphysical management. Teacher Yi puts forward the importance of tools, which are more efficient than manpower. It reduces the dependence on people, reduces the requirements on people, reduces man-made and human factors, and completely subverts everyone's habitual thinking. It puts forward that enterprises should not only produce qualified "products", but also excellent "people"; put forward the concept of "never forget"-the essence of management is to simplify complex things and standardize simple things; the essence of training is to use tools to the extreme and turn it into a trick!



In order to better understand the contents of the first day of training, Teacher Yi also introduced the PK game training activities the next day. The leader who lost in the PK had to bear the consequences of not achieving the goal —do push-ups . We deeply recognize that leaders could have the style of success as well as the style of failure. As the leader of the team, only leading the team members to train more soldiers at ordinary times, with goals, methods, tools, and actions, then can they shed less blood and tears in the "battlefield" and business fields.




After this training, all of SIXN People said that such training made people remember, both broadening their horizons and emancipating their minds. They have learnt a lot and gained more. They are willing to apply what they have learned to work and life. The reason why the fountain is beautiful is because she is under pressure. The reason why the waterfall is spectacular is because she has no retreat, and the water drops are worn because she always insists and never gives up! "I" am the root of everything, change yourself, change the future, and make life better tomorrow!

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